Model generation and CFD analysis of a V-wing aircraft wings

Objective: Analysing the external aerodynamics of a V-wing swept back at various angles.

Challenges: Getting a good quality in mesh at the mid plane of the wings and getting the drag and lift at high angle of attacks.

Details: Symmetric models of V-wings with back sweep angles of 50o, 70o and 90o are created and only one half is analysed for various lift and drag forces along with CD and CL. The variation of forces by increasing the angle of attack is plotted until stall occurs. The simulation is validated by conducting an analysis of Onera wing.

Results: The lift, drag, CD and CL are plotted for various angles of attack are found for all wings. Stall angles are found for all the wings. Pressure coefficients on aerofoils at various wing span are plotted.

Client: Master’s student from Belgium