CFD and FEA simulation of a cross flow turbine

Objective: To evaluate the deformation and mode shape of cross flow turbine at given operating conditions.

Challenges: To model and mesh the cross flow turbine and apply pressure load on the structure using Fluid structure interaction techniques.

Details: Both fluid and solid domain were modelled in CAD software. Mesh was generated for both domains. At first, CFD analysis was completed at given operating point. Further, one way fluid structure interaction was carried out to map the pressure loads from CFD domain to structural domain. In the structural domain proper boundary conditions were provided and analysis was done using the imported pressure load. Then pre-stressed modal analysis was carried out for the loaded cross flow turbine. Mode shape were extracted for first four fundamental modes. In the end, harmonic analysis was performed to study the response of the structure for a given range of frequencies.

Results: Evaluated structural deformation, fundamental frequencies and mode shape of rotor for first few modes.

Client: A research scholar from an UK university