Design improvement of centrifugal vapour compressor was carried out using CFD simulations and design principles.
CFD modelling, analysis and validation of NASA 74-A three stage axial flow compressor.
A two stage axial turbine was scanned and modelled for CFD analysis using CMM techniques. Performance was compared with test results and validated.
Aerodynamic design, CFD analysis and performance evaluation of a five stage axial compressor.
CFD analysis and simulation of a propeller blade with downstream swirl recovery vanes.
CFD analysis and performance evaluation of axial turbine stage with cooling purge flow from hub region into main stream flow.
CFD analysis and validation of NASA stage 37 axial flow compressor.
CFD analysis of a three stage axial compressor with variation in tip clearance and axial gap between rotors and stators
Fluid strucutre interaction analysis of a hydro turbine is performed in this case. Initially CFD analysis was completed and hydrodynamic loads are transferred to the structure to evaluate deformation and mode shape.